Thursday, 9 Jul 2020

Ryanair boss claims customers WILL get a cash refund…but there is a catch

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary claimed the airline’s policy on refunds had not changed despite the coronavirus. While speaking to EuroNews, Mr O’Leary claimed all those that request a cash refund, instead of a future travel voucher, would receive one. He added a condition of requesting a cash refund would be waiting a considerable number of months to receive it.

Mr O’Leary said coronavirus had resulted in the company only operating at 25 percent capacity for its refund processing staff.

He also noted the company had over 30 million refund requests to deal with, in comparison to their normal 10,000 a month.

Mr O’Leary said: “It is very important that all customers understand there has been no change to your refund entitlement.

“If you want a cash refund you will get a cash refund.

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“However, people have to also understand that the airlines of Europe have had two and a half months of flights cancelled, the second half of March, April and May.

“In Ryanair today we are dealing with a backlog of 30 million refunds.

“Our normal process of refunds is about 10,000 refunds per month.

“We don’t even have those people in the office processing those refunds.

“We are down to 25 percent of our refund processing staff.

“If you want a catch refund you will receive your cash fund but it will take many months to process this backlog.”

Mr O’Leary went on to explain the difficulties Ryanair is expecting in trying to get refunds back to all those who requested it.

He continued: “We can’t get that backlog processed until the restrictions on people coming to work are lifted.


“We also need to hire another 1,000 people to handle the refund processing.

“We have said your refund is secure but it would help us to get rid of this backlog if you would take a voucher which would allow you to use it for future travel.

“Like in the months July, August or even the summer of 2021 once we are back travelling.

“That is at least the best way to get the backlog down.”

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