Quarantine with quokkas: Australian cruise passengers moved to Rottnest

With nowhere to go, hundreds of Australian cruise passengers are planning to go into coronavirus lock-down on the island famous for cute marsupials.

WA has made the decision to put 800 passengers into quarantine with Rottnest’s quokkas. However, this leaves hundreds of passengers including 109 Kiwis at sea on the stricken cruise ship.

Cruise ship Vasco da Gama was refused berth in Perth on Friday, due to a ban on cruise ships by officials in Western Australia. Australian sates have cracked down on arrivals from cruise ships following the Ruby Princess’ disembarkation Sydney, after which 130 passengers were found to have coronavirus.

Unable to dock on the mainland the Vasco da Gama has sailed to the holiday island of Rottnest, which is famous for blue seas, sandy beaches and perhaps Australia’s cutest marsupial.

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