Thursday, 9 Jul 2020

Pink flamingos move into Mumbai as India sits in lockdown

Hundreds of thousands of pink flamingos have flooded the streets of Mumbai, bringing colour and some respite to the city sheltering from Covid 19.

The Indian city of 18 million has been under ‘lockdown’ measures since the 24th of March when PM Narendra Modi ordered his country’s 1.3billion residents to stay at home.

However, in a whimsical turn, the city’s streets have been emptied of humans and replaced with flamingos. The city enjoys an annual migration of pink birds in spring but this year there are far more than usual.

The Bombay Natural History Society reported that there are around 25 per cent more birds this year than average. Scientists have speculated that the flock of nearly 200,000 flamingos has been drawn into areas that have been abandoned by humans while they isolate indoors.

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