Thursday, 9 Jul 2020

How far can I travel in lockdown?

Brits are eager to break free of lockdown restrictions, and new rules in action from Monday, June 1 mean English people are allowed to gather in ‘social bubbles’ of up to six people. Schools and some outdoor markets and car showrooms are also allowed to open today, while other non-essential shops are due to reopen on June 15. explains the rules on travelling.

How far can I travel in lockdown?

As of Monday, June 1, lockdown measures have been eased to allow some Brits to travel as far as they like.

In England and Scotland, there is no limit on how far you can travel, but you must keep to social distancing rules.

In Wales, people are being asked to stay locally. This has been defined as about five miles (eight kilometres).

Despite no legal limit being placed on English and Scottish people, Nicola Sturgeon has strongly advised Scots to stay within five miles of their home.

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Can I travel between England and Scotland or Wales?

Each of the devolved nations is treating the rules a little differently, making travelling between them complicated.

Overnight stays aren’t permitted since you cannot enter another person’s home except when accessing their garden.

Hotels and other accommodation services are not permitted or open either.

Because of all of this, travelling between countries is near impossible.

You would need to get to your destination and back home within the day in order to stick to the rules.

Can I go on holiday in the UK?

You cannot go on holiday in the UK yet, according to the latest advice.

At the daily conference on Thursday, the Prime Minister said: “We don’t want people to stay overnight, we don’t want people to go to other households and stay there, I’m just afraid we’re not at that stage.”

You can travel as far as you like, as long as you can get home in the same day.

Staycations are off-limits for now, so you will have to wait until measures are eased to book an overnight trip to the British seaside.

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Can I use someone else’s toilet?

While the Prime Minister has said that people shouldn’t be inside other people’s homes for purposes other than accessing the garden, it seems you can go to the toilet if you absolutely must.

At Thursday’s press conference, Professor Chris Whitty stressed the importance of keeping your hands clean when meeting up with others

He said: “If someone was to go into the loo because they had to do that, it’s absolutely critical that they wipe everything down, wash their hands all the way through.”

On the other hand, the Scottish first minister said: “Don’t go indoors. Being in someone else’s house should still be avoided unless of course you are providing support to someone who is vulnerable.

“We are not putting a legal limit on how far you can travel to meet another household, but please use your good judgment.

“If the distance is so far that you would have to use someone else’s bathroom, then perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it.”

Can I see my friends and family?

Previously, people in England were allowed to meet just one person from another household.

Now, you can meet up with six people from other households at a time.

Before, the rules meant these people could only meet in public outdoor spaces.

However, from Monday, June 1, people in England can meet up with five others in a private outdoor space.

This means you can have a gathering of six people in someone’s garden, and you may carefully enter the garden through their house.

You are not allowed to stay in another person’s home or even congregate inside.

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