Friday, 5 Jun 2020

Caribbean holidays: Enjoy free virtual salsa party and cocktail-making class this weekend

Holidays are something Britons can now only fantasise about as all travel grinds to a halt due to coronavirus. The holiday experience doesn’t need to evaporate altogether though. The tourism board for Caribbean island Puerto Rico is here to help despondent Britons get into the holiday spirit this weekend.


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Discover Puerto Rico has launched a series of fun online events.

From your own home, you can master the salsa, rustle up cocktails or whip up a Puerto Rican feast.

A different masterclass will be put on each day and will last about an hour.

They are also all free to join.

The island’s tourism board explains that, when the coronavirus nightmare is over, visitors to Puerto Rico will have plenty to explore there.

“They can put their new salsa dancing skills to the test or sample some of the best cocktails and island dishes.”

This is what you need to know about the weekend’s schedule.

Friday March 27

What: Salsa Dancing

When: Midnight

Details: Renowned danders Tito and Tamara are leading a salsa party. The class will start will a brief summary of basic salsa steps “so people can have a little fun from the comfort of your homes.” No previous experience needed.

How to take part: The class will take place via Zoom – you can join it through the link here with meeting ID 293-759-126.


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Saturday March 28

What: Cocktail-making class

When: 11pm

Details: “The best bartender on the island” Roberto Berdecia, co-owner of the renowned La Factoría bar and Jungle Bird, is leading a cocktail class.

How to take part: To participate, join via Instagram Live at @discoverpuertorico.

Sunday March 29

What: Cooking class

When: 11pm

Details: Chef Wilo Benet will show participants how to make a favourite dish that can easily be made at home. Benet is said to have “redefined Puerto Rican cuisine.” His concept is to combine traditional Puerto Rican ingredients with Japanese, Chinese influences, Thai, Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic.

How to take part: To participate, join via Instagram Live at @discoverpuertorico.

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