Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020

Canada hot pool votes on Yukon’s annual hair freezing competition

In spite of the hair-raising news around the world, a Canadian hot spring is not letting a global pandemic get in the way of their distinctive annual competition.

The Takhini Hot Springs in Whitehorse holds its Hair Freezing Contest in northwest Canada.

Visitors have discovered that warm outdoor baths and sub-zero temperatures provide the perfect conditions for creating strange and arresting shapes out of frozen hair and beards.

Temperatures in this part of the Yukon can dip as low as -12 Celsius, or -21 at night. This causes damp hair freezes instantly into impressive frosted shapes.

Facing freezing temperatures and the mother of all ‘bad hair days’ those attending the Takhini Hot Springs are a hardy lot. Out of 288 entries, the frosted hairstyles have been whittled down to just five finalists for the Peoples’ Choice category.

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