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Why the travel industry will be stronger and better after coronavirus

The travel industry has been decimated by the coronavirus — with estimates of over $24 billion lost as 825,000 jobs have been wiped out and more than 8.2 million visitors stay away from the United States alone. But with the storm clouds come a silver lining. Without the steady stream of cruise ships (some of the worst polluters in the world), the canals of Venice have become clear for the first time in centuries; pollution around the world has dropped dramatically and cities that had been trampled by overtourism are recovering… [read more]

Yes, we will travel again — here’s how and when to plan your next trip

These are not normal times. These are not normal times for the people of Wuhan, Milan, Seoul, New York, or any other region hit hard by COVID-19. And these times are not normal for those seeing the pandemic on the horizon, feeling the anxiety of battling the invisible enemy that’s rattling our world physically, emotionally, economically, and culturally. With the world under lockdown, and with increasingly stringent restrictions coming into place across North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia, and beyond, many are asking how they can still plan travel — and have something hopeful to look forward to — in a time of ongoing and ever-accelerating shutdown… [read more]

Billionaires are chartering superyachts for months at a time to ride out the coronavirus pandemic

Billionaires are hoping to avoid the coronavirus pandemic by self-isolating on superyachts, The Telegraph’s Alan Tovey reports. Tovey spoke with Jonathan Beckett, the CEO of yacht broker Burgess. Beckett told The Telegraph that wealthy people are looking for ways to “weather the storm” and that a yacht “in a nice climate isn’t a bad place to self-isolate.” Large yachts have enough storage room to hold supplies that can last for months, Tovey notes, meaning the vessel can spend a longer amount of time at sea without docking. Of course, renting superyachts for months at a time is pricey, with some charging £100,000 ($118,944) a week plus crew costs and the largest of yachts costing over £500,000 (almost $600,000) a week… [read more]

Private-jet operators fly high, before requesting bailout

First, private-jet operators touted a surge in demand, sending them scrambling to keep up with the “biggest month” in their corporate histories. Then, within the same month, they were forced to turn customers away as governments around the world closed their borders, hotels shuttered, and citizens entered a surreal new reality: quarantine by mandate. Now, these symbols of high-flying wealth are joining America’s commercial airlines in asking for a $54 billion U.S. government bailout. Without hotel partnerships and open airstrips, they too are facing bankruptcy… [read more]

Coronavirus rocks the luxury hotel industry

The ever-expanding fallout surrounding the coronavirus pandemic has shocked the hotel industry, forcing dozens of the world’s most famous hotels to cease operations. While some closures are open-ended, others have been accompanied by a fixed reopening date, though uncertainty grows with each day as the outbreak spreads across the globe… [read more]

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Photograph of the week: Four Seasons Seychelles Resort at Desroches Island – A Luxury Travel Blog

The following post in our regular ‘photograph of the week’ series was scheduled to appear here many weeks ago, before the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus was as widespread as it is now. Whilst travel around the world is not recommended right now, we leave this post here as a source of inspiration for something to look forward to once normality returns to our lives.

Accessible by seaplane charter, the stunning Four Seasons Seychelles Resort at Desroches Island sits among the top properties of an already impressive brand. This off the grid location ticks plenty of boxes – spacious villas, private plunge pools, pristine beaches, and sunny cabanas. There’s even a tortoise sanctuary! Available by private plane transfer, how many resorts have you stayed at that have their own airstrip?

As expected, the Four Seasons offers island luxury with a relaxed approach. The friendly staff immediately greet visitors by name and have golf carts ready as guests step off the airstrip from the short flight from Mahé. There is a quick tour of the lush premises before checking out their accommodation, where any additional paperwork is finalized. Luggage is seamlessly loaded into separate golf carts and meets guests in their villa.

When possible, booking a Sunset Beach Villa is highly recommended. High ceilings (and thread counts), a bathroom that’s almost as large as the bedroom, soaking tub, indoor and outdoor showers — these villas even come with a hammock and private beach access. We spy hermit crabs and other wildlife before going for a plunge in our private pool. These villas also include a second level, which is perfect for morning coffees or pre-dinner cocktails. While golf carts are always available to collect guests, bikes (which come with every room) are the primary mode of transportation.

The low number of rooms at Desroches all but ensure a feeling of seclusion. As the property only takes up a small part of the island, embrace your inner adventurer, grab a map, and explore island trails by bike. Pack your bathing suit to go for a quick swim, or jog on one of the many private beaches, all stocked with towels, bottled water, and recreational swim gear. While guests will most likely remain in the privacy of their villas, there are plenty of public spaces, including: tennis courts, an infinity edge pool, an on-site spa, a modern gym, a conservation center, and a water sports center. Diving and snorkeling can be arranged, and sports equipment is available at an additional fee.

Meals can be a romantic affair, as guests can dine beachside at The Lighthouse (but not before stopping for stunning sundowners upstairs). There is also all-day dining at Claudine, which offers a range of international selections, The Deli, which is home to a small sweets shop, as well as a The Bar. Similarly, guests can stop at the Lighthouse Lounge for a cocktail. Finally, there is a small bar at The Castaway, located near the watersports area.

For a resort of this caliber, everything seems to align with expectations. The spa takes offerings to the next level with Connection Ceremonies, Sensory Connection rituals, and visiting masters with some of the industry’s leading practitioners who visit the island. Guests would need to check in advance for these visits.

Easier to access than the Maldives, Desroches Island offers levels of privacy and a sense of ‘getting away from it all’ rarely found in the rest of the world. With a price tag to match, this could be a once in a lifetime getaway. Even on the ‘main’ island of Mahe, there are very few properties that approach this level of privacy and space. The low number of rooms, stunning location and attentive but relaxed nature of the staff make this a memorable vacation destination.

A pro traveler tip – add this unique destination at the start or end of your stay in the Seychelles to start out with a bang, or end on a high note. Also, try and seek out George, the oldest tortoise on the island, over one hundred years young.

Thank you to Courtney Brandt from A to Za’atar for permission to share the photograph.

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