Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020


The round-the-world Clipper Race that was brought to an abrupt end by coronavirus

We were in a bubble out there,” Mary Vaughan-Jones mused. The 24-year-old from Lancaster returned home last weekend after seven months at sea – her attempt at circumnavigating the globe as part of the Clipper Race having been brought to an abrupt end by the coronavirus pandemic – to find the world in a state of chaos.  “It’s been quite overwhelming and it’s taken […]

Flights: Why can I fly to the USA from the UK?

Flights have been seriously disrupted and most countries have issued travel advisories and outright bans to restrict the spread of coronavirus. Due to the measures implemented around the world, the airline industry has lost roughly £755bn ($880bn). So why can you still fly to the USA from the UK? Donald Trump banned all travel from […]

Coronavirus travel: How at risk are YOU when using public transport and flights?

As coronavirus spreads from country to country, transport operators have come to be at the frontline of an international public health crisis. Efforts to combat the spread are ongoing and the UK is still in the containment phase despite confirmed cases growing by roughly 50 per day. READ MORE UK coronavirus tracker: How many cases […]

Insight Vacations launches new women-only India trip

Hot on the heels of International Women’s Day, Insight Vacations has launched a new women’s only trip – Inspirational India, A Wander Women Journey. As the first itinerary in Insight’s new ‘Wander Women’ journey programme, it will take place in India in 2021 and will offer immersive learning opportunities, wellness experiences and deliciously authentic dining. […]