How far can I travel in lockdown?

Brits are eager to break free of lockdown restrictions, and new rules in action from Monday, June 1 mean English people are allowed to gather in ‘social bubbles’ of up to six people. Schools and some outdoor markets and car showrooms are also allowed to open today, while other non-essential shops are due to reopen on June 15. explains the rules on travelling.

How far can I travel in lockdown?

As of Monday, June 1, lockdown measures have been eased to allow some Brits to travel as far as they like.

In England and Scotland, there is no limit on how far you can travel, but you must keep to social distancing rules.

In Wales, people are being asked to stay locally. This has been defined as about five miles (eight kilometres).

Despite no legal limit being placed on English and Scottish people, Nicola Sturgeon has strongly advised Scots to stay within five miles of their home.

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Can I travel between England and Scotland or Wales?

Each of the devolved nations is treating the rules a little differently, making travelling between them complicated.

Overnight stays aren’t permitted since you cannot enter another person’s home except when accessing their garden.

Hotels and other accommodation services are not permitted or open either.

Because of all of this, travelling between countries is near impossible.

You would need to get to your destination and back home within the day in order to stick to the rules.

Can I go on holiday in the UK?

You cannot go on holiday in the UK yet, according to the latest advice.

At the daily conference on Thursday, the Prime Minister said: “We don’t want people to stay overnight, we don’t want people to go to other households and stay there, I’m just afraid we’re not at that stage.”

You can travel as far as you like, as long as you can get home in the same day.

Staycations are off-limits for now, so you will have to wait until measures are eased to book an overnight trip to the British seaside.

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Can I use someone else’s toilet?

While the Prime Minister has said that people shouldn’t be inside other people’s homes for purposes other than accessing the garden, it seems you can go to the toilet if you absolutely must.

At Thursday’s press conference, Professor Chris Whitty stressed the importance of keeping your hands clean when meeting up with others

He said: “If someone was to go into the loo because they had to do that, it’s absolutely critical that they wipe everything down, wash their hands all the way through.”

On the other hand, the Scottish first minister said: “Don’t go indoors. Being in someone else’s house should still be avoided unless of course you are providing support to someone who is vulnerable.

“We are not putting a legal limit on how far you can travel to meet another household, but please use your good judgment.

“If the distance is so far that you would have to use someone else’s bathroom, then perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it.”

Can I see my friends and family?

Previously, people in England were allowed to meet just one person from another household.

Now, you can meet up with six people from other households at a time.

Before, the rules meant these people could only meet in public outdoor spaces.

However, from Monday, June 1, people in England can meet up with five others in a private outdoor space.

This means you can have a gathering of six people in someone’s garden, and you may carefully enter the garden through their house.

You are not allowed to stay in another person’s home or even congregate inside.

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Spain holiday warning: Canary Islands bans Britons as tourists return to Balearics

Holidaymakers could be allowed to holiday to the Canary Islands in just two weeks, according to a travel minister. While tourists will be welcomed from European countries, Britons could be banned from visiting the areas in Spain.


  • Spain holidays: Canary Islands demand tourists to take corona test

The coronavirus crisis has caused countries across the world to go into a lockdown, in a bit to combat the disease.

Travel bans have meant many people have only been able to move between countries if it is absolutely essential.

However, policies in Spain are thought to be relaxed from July 1, making it easier for tourists to visit.

In the Canary Islands, tourists could go even earlier with a scheme allowing visitors in just two weeks.

However, holidaymakers from Britain will not be among those allowed early access, according to Spain’s minister of industry, trade and tourism in Spain, Maria Reyes Maroto.

She spoke about the possibility of foreign tourists entering the Canary and Balearic Islands in just two weeks.

If a pilot is approved by the Spanish government, holidaymakers could visit the islands weeks before Spain officially reopens borders.

According to reports, the Spanish government had been discussing plans with holiday providers including Jet2holidays and TUI.

However, she explained tourists granted access are likely to come from other countries in Europe.

The minister said the first holidaymakers to arrive could be from Germany and the Nordic countries, stating “at this moment at time their epidemiological situations are very good”.

Concerns about the current state of the coronavirus crisis in the UK could stop Britons from being allowed to visit.

Maria continued: “There the health situation still has to improve. For us, it is important to guarantee that people arrive healthy and leave healthy.”


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The Balearics Islands regional government has been campaigning for a test run to welcome visitors on June 16.

It was announced Spain would welcome tourists again as the coronavirus pandemic improved in the country.

Visitors can visit from July 1, although they will need to follow strict health rules including taking tests.

Britons hoping to travel to the Canary Islands could be asked to take a coronavirus test before leaving the UK.

Vice-president of the Government of the Canary Islands and Minister of the Treasury, Román Rodríguez said this will reduce the risk of infection for everyone.

He said: “We need people who get on the plane to do so with the least possible risk of infecting others or becoming infected.”

Britons may also be asked to quarantine for six hours when they arrive in Spain to ensure they don’t have any symptoms.

Additional reporting by Gerard Couzens

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TUI refund: Can’t get through to TUI for refund? Here’s how to apply

Holiday plans have been derailed by the coronavirus pandemic this year, and over the last few months many holidays have been cancelled. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is advising against all but essential travel at the moment. So many Brits will need to rearrange or request refunds for any holidays booked over the next few months.

Due to the current circumstances thousands of customers need to reschedule their TUI holidays.

But many have been struggling to contact TUI’s customer services over the last few weeks.

TUI boss Andrew Flintham said: “We know we haven’t got it right; we’re doing everything we can to make things better and we’re sorry for the frustration felt by our customers.


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“Taking people on incredible holidays is what we do best, but we’ve struggled to get the right systems in place to support our customers now that we can’t take them on holiday, especially at the speed of change we’ve faced in recent weeks.

“We recognise the situation around travel this summer remains unclear and there’s still a lot of uncertainty around when we will all be able to travel again, and some customers may not wish to pay a final balance with so many unknowns.

“We’d like to sincerely apologise to our customers impacted by delays to refunds and the length of time it’s taken.

“We really look forward to taking people on holiday again as soon as we’re able to.”

Has my holiday been cancelled?

All TUI bookings are being continuously reviewed by the company, but at the moment only the following holidays have been formally cancelled:

  • TUI holidays travelling on or before June 30, 2020
  • TUI River Cruises sailings travelling up until and including November 25, 2020
  • TUI Lakes and Mountain holidays travelling up until and including September 30, 2020

Marella Cruises sailings on or before July 30, 2020 and all sailings detailed below

  • All sailings on Marella Celebration
  • Sailings on Marella Discovery 2 up to April 30, 2021
  • Sailings on Marella Dream up to May 4, 2021
  • Marella Discovery sailings in December 2020 and January 2021
  • Marella Explorer 2 sailings between May 5, 2021 to October 20, 2021


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How can I claim a refund from TUI?

If you booked before March 17, 2020, for a TUI or First Choice package holiday or a Marella Cruises sailing trip, and are due to travel on or before August 31, 2020, you can amend your holiday for free to any holiday which is on sale currently.

If the holiday you choose is more expensive than the original booking, you will need to pay the difference.

However similarly if your holiday is cheaper than your original booking, TUI will refund you the difference.

If you booked directly through the TUI website, or the TUI or First Choice app, you can amend your bookings via the Manage my Booking page of the site.

If you’re not happy with credit towards your next holiday, you can request a refund.

Once you have received a refund credit code, you can apply for a cash refund online.

You can access TUI’s refund request form HERE.

Web customers will receive their refund back on their original payment method, while retail customers will be contacted to process the refund.

The company has said it could take up to four weeks to process the refund.

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Google Maps: Street View spots strange figure hiding in bizarre place – where is he?

Google Maps Street View is used by people to help navigate their own country to destinations all around the world. More recently, the tool has been used to spot some strange occurrences. The tool is usually used as an online mapping service which is owned by Google.


  • Google Maps: Bizarre glowing object sparks UFO concerns

It offers satellite images, street maps, panoramic views of streets and route planning.

And from the hilarious to the embarrassing, the huge Google lens manages to capture it all.

Sometimes the most bizarre scenes go viral, catapulting the user to fame.

This bizarre image unfolded near North Miami Beach in Florida in the USA.

The scene unfolded in a carpark where a silver car can be seen.

Next to the silver car – which is parked in a parking spot – is a green, fenced off area.

The green fencing is made of chain links so it looks translucent.

At the back of the fenced off area is a bike along with some huge green bins.

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One of the fences is also a gate which is slightly open.

From afar, the scene looks relatively normal.

But if you look closely, you can see that a person is sitting behind the gate staring at the Google car.

The person appears to be wearing trainers, beige trousers and a sweatshirt.

It’s unclear whether it is a man or a woman sitting behind the gate.

The person seems to be sat casually on the ground with their legs crossed in front of them.

It’s not clear what the person is doing sitting on the ground next to a dumpster.

They could be the owner of the bike.

Or they could be waiting for someone to pick them up.

The strange sight was spotted by a Reddit user.

The user captioned the sight, “Guy chilling with the dumpsters.”

Interestingly, North Miami Beach used to be called Fulford-by-the-Sea in 1926.

It was renamed in 1931.

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Google Maps: Bizarre glowing object sparks UFO concerns

Google Maps Street View is a useful tool where users can see some of the world’s best landmarks. From the Eiffel Tower to The Empire State Building, Google Maps has it all. However while users navigate the world online, they have also uncovered some of the most bizarre sightings like this one in Romania.


  • Google Maps Street View: Very rare sighting spotted on the road

Eagle-eyed viewers have spotted what they claim to be a UFO hidden in a forest in Romania, just outside Timisoara.

Many have claimed that it could be a sign of extraterrestrial activity.

At first glance, the object is in a desolate area in the middle of a forest with trees surrounding.

The bizarre object is white and shaped almost like a spaceship with small holes around the edge.

The circular disks are what made people question if what they were seeing was a UFO.

Also because the spaceship-like object is in the middle of a forest surrounded by trees, people questioned why there was no human life around.

At closer inspection, it appears to be a water tower instead of a vehicle from outer space.

However, this didn’t stop users creating up their own ideas of what they thought it was.

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One user on Google wrote: “Amazing. Its Real, Been There And Seen It.”

However another said: “It is just a water filtering facility built in the architectural style of Wiener Secession.”

The image went viral and has been called Alien UFO Resort on the destination on Google Maps.

This isn’t the first time something strange has been spotted on Google Maps.


  • Google maps: UFO hunter claims he has proof of ‘alien base entrance’

Another image that left users with supernatural concerns was that in Florida.

This bizarre scene takes place in a desolate area just outside of the Bermuda Triangle.

A Google Maps user reported the mysterious “UFO” sighting onto Reddit.

Reddit is a forum in which people share their weird and wonderful sightings with each other.

Even when zoomed in, it’s hard to identify what the object exactly is as half of the object is missing.

The object was spotted in the Big Cypress National Preserve, which is located in southern Florida.

This is an area just outside of the Bermuda Triangle, an area of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Bermuda Triangle has long been associated with mysterious aircraft and bizarre sightings with some users claiming that they have seen aliens.

One Reddit user described this sighting as a “UFO sighting” because it is almost impossible to identify how far away the object is from the camera and it is definitely an object that is flying.

However another user suggested that it was simply a “butterfly” and that it only sparks supernatural concerns because half of the object is missing, meaning it is hard to identify it.

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Quarantine travel: ‘Scrap the rules!’ Travel firms warn rules must be dropped in letter

Home Secretary Priti Patel announced last week that new quarantine rules for anyone arriving into the UK will be enforced from June 8. The new rules state that anyone arriving into the UK from abroad, except from the Common Travel Area, will be subject to 14 days in quarantine. Anyone caught breaking the rules could face a fine of up to £1,000.


  • Flights: Passenger shocks onlookers with homemade face mask

But now holiday firms, travel chiefs and hotel owners are worried that the rules could have a further detrimental effect on the already battered travel and tourism industry.

Signed by more than 70 travel bosses, a letter has been written and given to the Home Secretary in a bid to scrap the rules.

The letter suggests that the move could “deter foreign visitors from travelling to the UK” and “deter UK visitors from going abroad”.

The travel firms say the sector contributed a staggering £200billion to the UK economy last year – around nine percent of the UK’s GDP – meaning that the rules could have a devastating economic impact on the country.

The letter said: “The very last thing the travel industry needs is a mandatory quarantine imposed on all arriving passengers which will deter foreign visitors from coming here, deter UK visitors from travelling abroad and, most likely, cause other countries to impose reciprocal quarantine requirements on British visitors, as France has already announced.

“Many people urged the government to impose quarantine regulations during the early phases of COVID-19.

“Instead, no action was taken and flights from infected countries were allowed to land, disgorging thousands of potentially affected passengers into the wider community.”

The letter continued: “COVID-19 is now under control and we commend the government for its handling of what was an extraordinary and unprecedented situation.

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“However, the economic cost of the government’s action is yet to be seen, apart from the early indicators which paint a grim picture.”

The letter also stated that the Government had been “woefully slow to react and has procrastinated to the point of absurdity” in offering refund credit notes in the tourism and travel industry.

The letter continued: “Unlike many businesses who can scale down their workforce very rapidly, travel companies still need to employ staff when business stops, either to cancel or rearrange existing, often complex, bookings.

“The government has done its best to suppress and control the invidious viral contagion but it should not, and must not, exceed its mandate.

“The people of this country do not wish to be prevented from travelling.

“Quite simply it is time to switch the emphasis from protection to economic recovery before it is too late.”

George Morgan-Grenville, CEO of tour operator Red Savannah said that the quarantine plans were “poorly thought-out” and detrimental to the industry.

He said: “Signatories to this letter are more used to competing ferociously but, on this issue, we are united.

“The quarantine plans are poorly thought-out, wholly detrimental to industry recovery and are more or less unworkable.”

However, the Home Office said in response that the rules are being put in place in order to avoid a second wave which could be “devastating”.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “As the world begins to emerge from what we hope is the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, we must look to the future and protect the British public by reducing the risk of cases crossing our border.

“We continue to support businesses in the tourism sector through one of the most generous economic packages provided anywhere in the world.

“However, it is right that we introduce these new measures now to keep the transmission rate down and prevent a devastating second wave.”

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Holiday parks open: When can we go on holiday in the UK?

Holiday parks are looming in people’s minds now the weather has started to warm up. With many Britons hesitant to travel abroad as the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact other countries, more people are seeking staycations this summer. So when can you go on holiday in the UK?

This week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced retailers in England will be able to open so long as they are COVID-secure next month.

Mr Johnson said outdoor markets and showrooms will be able to start trading from June 1.

All other non-essential retailers including shops selling clothes, books and electronics can follow suit from June 15.

Employers will face “spot checks” to make sure they are implementing social distancing and have been told they must undertake a risk assessment after consultation with trade unions and workers.


  • Caravans sites & holiday parks open: Owner says ‘June is possible’

As layers of the lockdown restrictions are eased, many people’s minds are turning to summer holiday travel plans.

The UK travel sector has been hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic with turnover down by around 56 percent since last year.

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) turnover in the travel industry fell from £2.6 billion in March 2019 to £1.2bn this year as lockdown took hold.

Millions of people would be looking to book after the crisis has passed, but many have expressed concerns about travelling abroad during the pandemic.

Instead, many holiday seekers are instead turning to Britain for their holidays this year.

Under current rules, day trips to outdoor spaces are permitted.

But taking any kind of overnight trip, including a visit to a second home is not allowed.

Hotels, bed and breakfasts and holiday parks are still closed.

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  • Spain holidays: Costa del Sol to open huge £515million theme park

The next phase of easing lockdown rules will begin from June 1 with primary school pupils returning to school and some shops opening.

All non-essential retail operators will open from June 15 as long as they are maintaining safety measures.

A larger overarching change is expected from July 4, just in time for the summer holidays, when the hospital industry might be able to start operating again, assuming that acceptable social distancing can be introduced.

It is thought some tourist sites and leisure attractions may also open at that time.

Polices at individual holiday park companies will vary and may be subject to change in the coming weeks.

Many believe once pubs and restaurants begin to reopen, there is also likely to a relaxation of restrictions on camping, caravanning and holiday cottages.

When reopening most will need to institute social distancing measures as well as likely be subject to deep cleaning regimes.

As yet the Government has made no indication as to when holiday accommodation operators might be able to operate again.

Restrictions are much tighter in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with Scotland only beginning to ease lockdown on May 28 so holiday parks in these areas might open even later than these estimates.

The biggest holiday park companies in the UK are Haven, Pontins, Haulfryn and Parkdean Resorts.

Haven has said it will remain closed until July 2, but from that time will be open, subject to Government guidance.

Pontins will remain closed until next year, whether or not lockdown restrictions are lifted in the coming weeks.

Haulfryn has not confirmed a date when it intends to reopen, but has said it will following the advice from the Government.

Parkdean Resorts will reopen from July 6, but has said this date is subject to Government restrictions.

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UK holidays: Isle of Man kickstarts self-catering holidays – but Britons can’t return yet

UK holidays are likely to be more popular this year due to travel bans and restrictions in place across the world which include the UK’s own quarantine rules. Current Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice states that Britons can only travel abroad for “essential” purposes.


  • Holiday POLL: Should Boris lift restrictions on Europeans

This advice will remain in place “indefinitely”.

The UK’s own quarantine rules will be coming into play on June 8 which will see anyone arriving in the UK be subject to 14 days of quarantine.

This includes Britons returning from abroad but does not include those returning from the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

Anyone caught breaking the rules will be fined up to £1,000.

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland.

The small island has had relatively few deaths compared to the rest of the UK.

In fact, the island has only had 336 cases and 24 deaths.

While it is looking likely that Britons will have to wait until July 4 to enjoy a staycation in the UK, the Isle of Man has managed to ease its lockdown rules enough to allow self-catering holiday homes to reopen.

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As well as self-catering properties being open, camping facilities also reopened a week ago on the island.

The decision was announced last week by Chief Minister, Howard Quayle MHK.

But before Britons get excited about the prospect of a holiday on the Isle of Man, there are still rules in place.

Travel between the Isle of Man and the UK is still prohibited.

The island is hoping that those who live on the Isle of Man will enjoy a staycation in the near future.

However, once travel restrictions are lifted, Britons may be able to visit the Isle of Man which is part of the Common Travel Area and is, therefore, exempt from the quarantine rules.

The Isle of Man has also said that those living on the island can also resume some outdoor sports.

Tennis, football and cricket but indoor venues such as gyms are remaining closed.

However, the easing of restrictions is only for “leisure and recreation” purposes.

Strict rules still remain in place for fixtures and events with fines of up to £2,500 in place for anyone breaking these rules.

However, those taking part in such sports must remain two metres apart and individuals should not share equipment.

A government spokesman said: “No element of the sport or physical activity is to involve contact.”

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Google Maps: Users left terrified when they spot this man – what is wrong with him?

Google Maps Street View is one of the most popular tools that users can use to see the world’s most popular landmarks. From visiting the Empire State Building to the Eiffel Tower, Google Maps allows you to visit these destinations just by a click of the button. However, it has also been used to uncover some of the world’s most weird and wonderful scenarios. One bizarre sighting left Google Maps users shocked by a man’s terrifying incident.


  • Google Maps: Man with gun caught by Street View in unbelievable photo

The scene unfolds in Sweden, in what appears to be by the side of a river or a lake.

The man is sitting on the pebbles that are by the side of the water and he appears to be dipping his feet into the water.

Sunshine is shining overhead, and nothing seems to be out-of-the-ordinary.

However, the man’s head is missing from the shot completely, and you can only see part of his hair.

His body is also visible with his knees bent up and he is leaning his arms on his legs.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user posted his photo and wrote: “U good mate?”

He is dressed in a navy t-shirt as well as navy bottoms with a red stripe.

Part of the man’s back is also missing and you can see the clear water through his back.

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However his face has completely disappeared and is nowhere to be seen.

Although there may be a rational explanation for this bizarre sighting caught on Street View.

Glitches appear to be very common on Google Maps Street View for many reasons.

Google Maps creates the images by stitching together the 360 degree image sets submitted be users, meaning small errors can occur in the stitching.


  • Google Maps: Street View camera captures adorable sight on road

Glitches are therefore very common on the site.

The camera must have taken one image when the man was still and then took an adjacent one when the man was moving.

Another bizarre scene was captured in a desolate area of Florida, just outside of the Bermuda Triangle.

A Google Maps user reported the mysterious “UFO” sighting onto Reddit.

Even when zoomed in, it’s hard to identify what the object exactly is, with it sparking supernatural concerns online.

The oval shape is different colours but half of it has been cut off, again another stitching problem.

One user suggested that it was simply a “butterfly” and that it only sparks supernatural concerns because half of the object is missing, meaning it is hard to identify it.

There is no rational explanation for what the weird shaped object actually is and one user on Reddit suggested that an insect scientist should answer the question.

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Holidays: Hays Travel reveals island destinations are most popular and bookings are strong

Despite the coronavirus lockdown bringing the travel industry to its knees, various destinations around the world are getting ready to kickstart their tourism industries. Tonight, Steph McGovern presented a new Channel 4 documentary called ‘How To Go On Holiday This Summer’. During the program, Steph investigated Britons’ options for future travel this summer, whether that’s hoping to travel abroad or considering a holiday in the UK.


  • Bank holiday travel warning: Beaches, trains and beauty spots to avoid

Steph spoke to industry experts and insiders such as Travel expert and journalist Simon Calder and Sean Tipton from ABTA.

The experts answered some of holidaymakers’ most burning questions which included how to get refunds from package holidays and whether it is safe to go on holiday in the future.

Steph also spoke to the owners of Hays Travel about how their business has been impacted by the coronavirus.

Hays Travel bought Thomas Cook after it went into administration last year.

The husband and wife team were expecting to have a successful year in 2020.

But since the coronavirus pandemic hit, the couple have been hit hard by a severe lack of bookings.

Irene Hays explained: “We acquired Thomas Cook in October of last year and we’d just reported to the Civil Aviation Authority that everything was going really well.

“So January and February which are peak months for travel we’d done so, so well, much better than our expectations.

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“Then the Costa Adeje in Tenerife was the first real tourist spot to be hit, and that happened in the third week in February.

“After that, the business fell off a cliff.”

However, there has been a light at the end of the tunnel now that lockdown has been eased.

She added: “April was particularly strong.

“We have a guy who works in the call centre, who is one of our top sellers, who sold more holidays in April this year than he did in April last year.”

Irene’s husband and co-owner of Hays Travel John, added that people are now booking holidays but not for this year.

John added: “People really want to get away… People are booking, not for this summer at the minute, but we’re doing a lot of business for this winter and 2021.

“But if summer 2020 opens I’m sure people will be anxious to get away.”

The couple explained that some of the more popular destinations that people are booking are islands.

They said that the Balearics and the Channel Islands have been among the most popular.

Watch ‘How To Go On Holiday This Summer’ on catch up on All 4

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