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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Samhain- A bit of history

Happy Thursday, peeps!

With Eve Of Samhain's release date fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to share Samhain's etymology with you.

First things first.  Samhain is pronounced Sew-en.  I know, I know, the pronunciation doesn't match the spelling.  That's because it's gaelic.

The celtic calender was divided into two halves:  the dark half (Samhain, October/November) and the light half (Beltane, April/May.)  Samhain, the beginning of the lunar cycle, was considered the beginning of the year.

Festivals were, and still are, held to celebrate both the harvest and the dead.  In fact, one of our favorite holidays, Halloween, is derived from this ancient gaelic custom.  Folks used to wear costumes and masks to ward off evil spirits.  They would also hollow out turnips much like we do pumpkins, as another means of keeping dark spirits away.

More information can be found here if you're wearing your learning cap and wanna get your Samhain on.

Happy Thursday!