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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How about an excerpt?

Happy Wednesday, people!  I'm still floating on a high from yesterdays release of Eve Of Samhain.
Because I'm still just a wee bit giddy, I thought I'd post an excerpt.

The following passage is one of my favorites.

“There are four phases to the female sexual response!”
I jumped in my seat, startled by the professor’s shouting. So wrapped up in my frustration with Quinn, I hadn’t noticed Professor White begin the lecture.
“Phase one is excitement. Miss Pierce . . .”
Oh shit.
I expect you did the assigned reading for this lecture. Please describe some of the physiological changes that occur during the excitement phase.”
The entire classroom turned to face me along with Professor White, waiting for me to respond.
Just great. I have zero skills. I’m sitting next to the most sexually experienced being on the planet, who, as it so happens, won’t give me the time of day physically, and now I have to describe what happens to my hoo-hah when it gets excited.
Karma was making me its bitch, of that much I was certain.
“Vasocongestion will occur.” My voice shook as I forced myself to speak loud enough for the professor to hear. “The clitoris becomes engorged.” Oh, God! “And the inner part of the vagina may expand. The woman’s skin becomes flushed.” Yeah, just like mine is becoming flushed now from having to talk about this. “And she may experience heightened sensitivity in other areas of her body, such as the nipples.”
I sensed Quinn’s eyes boring into the side of my face as I spoke. Still pissed off from his unwillingness to open up to me, I wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of watching me squirm while I uttered the word “nipple.” I was quite sure the sensitivity in my nipples would never be heightened, nor would my clitoris ever become engorged by my faerie non-boyfriend. He couldn’t even utter the words “I like you,” let alone “I love you,” and he wouldn’t touch me except to say goodbye, and then only ever laid his hand over my heart. Damn his iron will!
Professor White seemed pleased with my answer. “Very good, Miss Pierce, I see you’ve done your homework. Moving on to the Plateau phase next . . .”
The muscles in my jaw ached and burned from grinding my teeth, and my entire body flushed hot, not only from the embarrassment of having to speak in front of the class, but from my anger toward Quinn. With each moment that passed, my bitterness grew.
“Moving on to the Orgasm phase . . . Mr. Donegan.”
Wait. What? Please, no. My heart leapt into my throat and my stomach dropped to the floor. Why? Why did the professor have to call on Quinn?
“Could you please explain what occurs when a woman climaxes?”
“Oh, aye. I surely can.” A smug grin crawled across his face and he sat back in his seat, stretching his long legs out before him.
Pompous, egotistical bastard.
The pencil I’d been gripping snapped, eliciting a snort from Quinn before he spoke.
“Well, then. The muscles in the woman’s vagina contract, along with the rest of the muscles in her body. Her heart rate and blood pressure peak. And of course, she usually screams my name several times.”
Bloody hell!

If you haven't picked up a copy yet, head on over to Omnific Publishing.  I'm a chatty gal, so come back and let me know what you think :)  Have a great day!