Wednesday, 8 Jul 2020

Cruise Journalists, Bloggers Show Support for the Industry

As the cruise shutdown stretches on due to the coronavirus pandemic, 20 cruise journalists, bloggers and website owners came together in a show of support for the industry. The message: We Will Be Back. #WeAreCruise.

The video was the brainchild of John Shallo, a Florida-based cruise fan who founded the Cruise-Addicts website in 1999.

“I was inspired to make this video by the real challenges the industry is facing on an almost daily basis,” Shallo told TravelPulse. “I had seen great work by others and wanted to see if I could make something from my own perspective. So I reached out to many colleagues and friends. As their submissions came in, I hoped it could become something special and inspiring to everyone who works within the cruise industry.”

Shallo doesn’t appear in the video, but TravelPulse/AGENTatHOME is represented. “I wanted the video to not be about me or the Cruise Addicts brand but, the message itself,” Shallo said.

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